But Slut Tattoo

At least that saves you from having to ask if she’s into it.Butt Slut Tattoo

Bad Child Portrait Tattoo

Daddy’s little angel you say?Bad Child Portrait Tattoo

Full Face Prison Tattoo

There is a slight chance that his post-prison work prospects will be slightly impaired.
Crazy Prison Tattoo

Unicorn in Jello

Well, you can’t fault the person for creativity.Unicorn in Jello

White Boy Swag Tatoo

Figure the odds that he won’t regret that tat.
White Boy Swag Tattoo

Bad Beetlejuice Tattoo

Bad Beetlejuice Tattoo

Nyan Cat Tattoo

Internet memes are guaranteed to expire but regret over a nyan cat tattoo is forever.

Nyan Cat Tattoo

Pac Man Finger Tattoo

For you serious gamers you can emblazon Pac Man on your fists.

Bad Spelling Tattoo

Sadly, there are no tattoo guns with spell check.

Bad spelling tattoo

Hello kitty and Pikachu tattoo.

Hello kitty and pikachu tattoo